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You are one step closer to improve your cash flow and reduce the costs and headaches of employee problems. Let us show you how to keep more of the money you make...

By outsourcing your medical billing to Prac's Supreme - one of the largest Medical Bureaus South of the equator - your money will get to grow in the direction your business is growing.

You WILL save money on your administrative costs
You WILL receive payments from debtors much faster
You WILL have more time to do what you do best
You WILL agree that making use of Prac's Supreme is the most profitable decision you have ever made

Quality Services

Prac's Supreme provides a medical outsourcing accounting processing service, which includes, among others, the following functions:

  • Daily and/or weekly collection of your claims
  • Registration of your Practice at all Medical Aids
  • Capturing of all medical claims on our software
  • Electronic submission of claims
  • Full reconciliation of payments received
  • Telephonic follow-up of unpaid claims
  • Printing of patient liability accounts
  • Comprehensive month end reports
  • Secure back-up of all your data
  • And much more

Pracs premises

Our Offices in Pretoria

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the preferred supplier of medical accounts claiming and retrieving of monies to all providers in the medical industry. We want our services to be the benchmark against which all other competitor firms are measured for stability, credibility and reliability. We achieve this through:

  • Relationships - We establish, build and uphold relationships with our patrons to leverage the value of the customer over the Long Term.
  • Service Focus – We provide service to our clients in an open, friendly, efficient and customer centric way.
  • People – We view the right people, in the right positions, trained correctly as a strategic necessity in the implementation of our vision.
  • Positive Work Ethic – We realise the importance of hard work as an essential ingredient to the success of any venture.


Prac's Supreme Services has made the commitment to be a company built on Honesty, Integrity and State of the Art Service in all our divisions. This vision and dedication to provide superior service, backed by exceptional customer service, makes Prac's Supreme Services a premier choice for all your Medical Claiming business needs.

Latest News

Easier than ever to get all your CPD points yearly, ONLINE!
Medical Practice Consulting (MPC), a group company of SAMA, approached PSS to open up a new door for our Healthcare Professionals to comply with yearly CPD points online.

MPC hosts more than 18 online courses, e-learning courses and the 25 largest medical journals with their questionnaires, from the Health and Medical Publishing Group & Medpharm Publishing.

MPC, in partnership with Prac’s Supreme Services, offers Healthcare Professionals these services in order to save them time and effort.
How to Register: Click on www.mpconsulting.co.za for further assistance.

Your Funds
You can access almost all Medical Aid's funds check-up if you go to www.mediswitch.co.za To acquire your username and password, call Meruska at Prac's Supreme Services.


"I have been with PSS since 2004. I will be with them until I retire. They are efficient and give me all the time to do what I know best; being a doctor."


"I, Dr. Mantshinga, have been with Prac's Supreme for more than 10 years - that means they are doing something right. Their years of service are my guarantee that we are here to stay. They know this and can do it. Every challenge has a solution. Prac's, thank you for your dedication & wonderful, excellent services. May the Lord give you strength to continue on this path."

​Whenever we are faced with a matter we are confused about, even if the answer looks obvious you sort it out so effectively. We are extremely grateful to have you as a leader of our practice affairs in your field. We have over the years added you as a family member whom we can't abandon in the practice. ​ If I didn't know how to approach a matter, I just called you and everything has been handled 1000% to my satisfaction and always sorted out. ​ I'm accurately aware, there's a lot that goes on behind the stage, in any business where service providers like you under Anneke's excellent leadership and management, do things for clients like me, that we will never know, beyond the call of duty.​ There are currently many service providers like you but none offer exactly what you do. The kindness, empathy, loyalty, patience, excellent professionalism, wisdom, Godly sayings at the end of the invoices, exceptional efficiency and many many I always mention. Thank you for years of a blessing!!!! You ladies have an incredible team, keep it up!!!!


"I am a dentist working in the southern tip of KZN. I started my dental practice in 2008 till this date, putting together all basic dental paraphernalia was a straight forward thing, but I had undermined one major aspect which is the heartbeat of a dental practice, that of medical aid processing and administration. I fumbled my way for a good three months and in the process I was losing substantial amounts of revenue to the practice until two doctors advised me and referred me to Prac's Supreme, of which they were already contracted with. I'm not exaggerating, from day one when I made that call to Anneke I had an injunction that this was the home I had been looking for. I was approaching 4 months in the practice with erratic medical aid payments and stale claims. Anneke took all claims paid, unpaid, rejected and pending, I couldn't believe when she called back three days later saying all claims with issues were submitted and accepted. Two weeks down the line payments started coming in fast and furious. Since then that has been the order of Prac's Supreme. My punchline has always been they are ABSOLUTE SUPREME, a cut above the rest, second to none.

Anneke has put together a wonderful working team, each individual goes out of their way and listens attentively to a problem or any matter of concern, I'm fascinated by their brisk nature of problem solving. Anneke then comes with her extreme ability of paying attention to detail with processing of every aspect of work. At Prac's nothing is left to chance. Anneke directly and passionately scrutinizes all work from team members. Their extreme ability of retrieving and recouping money even from stubborn medical aids is unparalleled. I have a situation currently, where there's been a sudden drop of payments to my practice since late January 2017, Anneke noted this with concern and phoned very worried about my cash flow, she asked to resend her my claims which I did, precisely the next day she spotted the problem and offered solutions, as I speak now I'm proud and bold enough to say that at Prac's the philosophy and ethos of their work is that of looking at a doctor holistically for maximum performance of the practice and constant cash flow. I never looked back since 2008. Prac's is my home, simply the best and ABSOLUTE SUPREME."


"My first contact with Prac's was in 2013 when being recommended by a colleague paediatrician. Ever since I am still with them because of the quality of their service and professionalism - from proper handling of the claims, update on meetings to reminders on different board renewals. I have recommended a lot of my colleagues who are also very happy."